IV Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival

The IV Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival has finished on the 26Th of May, in Sesimbra, Portugal, it rewards films and audiovisual works that effectively promote tourism in its various forms. The emphasis is on the implementation of best practices in the tourism sector, in line with the values of social responsibility and sustainable development. The festival accepts audiovisual productions in 4 genres: advertising, dissemination/promotion, documentary and timelapse. Organizers particularly hope to encourage young people to produce travel films.


About Festival:

Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival 2017Movies like "The House of the Spirits" brought to Cape Espichel actors like Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep or Glenn Close. "The Invisible Circle" brought us Cameron Diaz and Christopher Eccleston in a dramatic scene in the movie. "Hornblower", a film made on the coast of Sesimbra, Arrábida and Cape Espichel; "Gulliver's Travels", "007 On Her Majesty's Service", "The Convent" with Caterine Deneuve and John Malcovich, "The Dance of Diamonds" that first introduced the famous song "Strangers In The Nigth" have increased the list of names who came here to film.

There are data and studies showing the huge impact and increase the tourist flow to places that served as the backdrop to major film productions. In films like "The Da Vinci Code," for example, the Louvre museum received in 2006 about 7.3 million tourists, of which 50% driven by the film. The Great Britain currently receives 130 million visitors who will visit some of the local filming of "Harry Potter." This festival aims to continue to promote these sites for major film productions, showing the world "our" tourist potential, strengthening the international image of Arrábida, Sesimbra and Cape Espichel, attracting new tourism investments, seeking to respond to flows expected after promotion and continuity of this annual event.

At the core of this festival is the conference "Tourism and Cinema" which is believed that its an opportunity for development and promotion of research on the link between film and tourism and that will bring us to people who are somehow connected to the two sectors, professional or academic, as is the case of tourism or film students, as well as directors and producers. For this purpose, we established a partnership with IPA - Instituto Superior Autónomo de Estudos Politécnicos and ISEC - Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências that, within their courses of study, have developed several studies, knowledge producing and promoting experiences in various areas of film production, post production, realization, sound, image and web design, graphic design and many others.

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