Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum

Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum

Rua do Farol de Santa Marta
2750-341 Cascais

With an architecture project by Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus and museological programme by Joaquim Boiça, the Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum was restored based on a protocol signed between the Municipal Council of Cascais and the Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Navy. ​​It opened to the public in July 2007, and its model is unique in the country as it links spaces of exhibits with the function.

With the exception of the cannonball found in city council archaeological excavations on the grounds, the collection of the Farol Museu de Santa Marta (Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum) was fully restored and placed in the Farol Museu (Lighthouse Museum) by the Portuguese Navy / Directorate of Lighthouses.

The exhibition area is divided into two spaces, located in the former lighthouse keeper residences:

Nucleus 1 - Portuguese Lighthouses: Technology and history reveal, among other things, large Fresnel lenses with special emphasis on the optical panel device of the Berlengas Lighthouse which reaches a height of 3.70m.
Nucleus 2 - Santa Marta, from the Fort to the Profession of the Lighthouse Keeper, focuses on the experience of the Farol de Santa Marta (Santa Marta Lighthouse) through the ages. Here, we highlight the diary of the lighthouse keeper who meticulously records the occurrences of foggy days and lit nights.

In the auditorium, the film Lighthouses of Portugal. Five Centuries of History (15 minutes) tell the story, through the witness of lighthouse keepers, of the company that erected and maintained these monuments along the Portuguese coast.