Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente

Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente


8650 Vila Do Bispo

The lighthouse became operational in October 1846. It is 28 metres high and its reach is 32 metres. The lighthouse's optical apparatus weighs four tons and is amongst the six heaviest in the world. At present the lighthouse houses a museum centre.

The lighthouse is situated on the tip of the Cape of St. Vincent, located 7 km (4.3 mi) from the western edge of the civil parish of Sagres, guarding one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. The traditional land's end of Europe, the extreme southwesternmost point on the continent, it was an essential landfall for sailors returning from Africa and the Americas. One of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe (the most powerful being Phare du Creach on the French island of Ushant, off the coast of Brittany); its two 1,000 W lamps can be seen as far as 60 km (37 mi) away.

The 28-metre (92 ft) round cylindrical stone tower, with lantern and gallery, rises from a 2-/3-story keeper's complex. The beacon itself has operated with a hyper-radiant Fresnel lens (larger than 1st order) since 1908, with a focal plane of 86 metres (282 ft) and demonstrating one quick white flash every 5 seconds. The unpainted lighthouse tower includes red-painted lantern and the keeper's white-painted house with red roof. A fog horn has given two 5-second blasts every 30 seconds.

Its position at land's end attracts visitors annually, and the Portuguese navy constructed a visitor center and museum on the site.

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