Hotel Parador Casa da Ínsua

Hotel Parador Casa da Ínsua

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Penalva do Castelo
3550-126 Penalva do Castelo

Situated in Penalva do Castelo around 25 Km from Viseu, the Casa da Ínsua (Ínsua House) is a Baroque-style mansion house whose overriding image is its impressive façade and its magnificent gardens.

Delight your senses
On top of the obvious importance of its architecture and estate, Casa da Ínsua is also known for its magnificent 18th century gardens which, for years, have welcomed visitors from all around the world, and its renowned gourmet products, namely its wine, cheese, olive oil and confectionery.

The Gardens
Recreating the Romantic period, Casa da Ínsua''s gardens are remarkable both for their size and originality and variety of species.

The front, French-styled garden, has a geometric layout and flower beds surrounded by boxwood which leads into the English garden and the scent garden. Here you can find the most notable species of flora, such as the extremely rare lotus flower and a monumental 1842 magnolia.


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